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The BreakRAK is a must have tool for any player serious about improving their break and overall game in 8 ball, 9 ball, 10 ball and rotation games. Invented and patented by Charley Bond in 2002, the BreakRAK allows users to vastly improve their break from various postions on the headstring through increased repitition. 

This tool is a staple in my practice regimen and has elevated my game greatly since I began using it in 2010. By eliminating the time necessary in racking the balls, any player can focus on the rhythm, timing, accuracy and technique needed to break at a high level. This focus will result in drastic improvements of form and cue ball control, thus leading to more runouts and improved skill level overall.

  • In my experience I would say this is the single best device on the market today to improve any one aspect of the competitive pool player's game. BreakRAK is the perfect tool for a player's private collection or for a pool room that would like to improve the skill level of their house pro's, amateurs and enthusiasts. 

If you have any questions or desire more information about the BreakRAK, please send your emails to Raymond@LinaresProPool.com