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Hello Chad, 

My name is Raymond Linares and I'm a 4 time National Champion pool player based in Miami Florida. I received your contact information from a mutual friend and contact, Shane Sinnott from OB Cues. I wanted to take a moment and write to you in order to share some info about myself and also let you know about my brand and plans moving forward for my current sponsor base, in the hopes that I can add your support and company to that list. 

Over the past several years I've worked hard to develop both my game in competitive play, as well as a platform online to provide added value to my sponsors. As you'll see on my site, my web presence is centered around connecting people to the brands that help make my competitive career happen. Those brands include awesome companies and people like OB Cues and Shane Sinnott. 

In my professional career I've amassed some credentials as well. As a filmmaker, I provide high quality video content for companies and brands all the time. Using my skills as a content creator, I use video to promote and connect companies with their target audiences online. As Linares Pro Pool develops, my plan is to merge those same principles and roll out a media outlet to Linares Pro Pool that allows me to review my sponsor's products, share in depth information about how and why they are excellent and valuable in the market place and ultimately connect new customers to those products, thus improving my relationship with my current sponsor base. 

I've recently created a studio space in my home that will serve as the center of operations for this media roll out for Linares Pro Pool. With this space I can begin creating YouTube and Facebook based content that will serve the billiards community as a whole and add immense values to the companies attached to me. Those companies currently include OB Cues, Hustlin' USA Clothing Company, JB Cases, Cheqio, BreakRAK and ON Tips USA. I also have growing partnerships with other companies including ChalkySticks with whom I'm planning a new podcast directive aimed at Billiards and Pool education and instruction. 

My goal is simple. To take the current platform I have and expand that by adding consistent, steady streams of quality content to viewers online and on social media, all the while saturating those viewers with connecting points to the brands I support and that support me. I'd love for Diamond to be apart of that process as well. It's my opinion that Diamond tables are the industries best, and I wouldn't want to support another company along the way, with the viewership I plan on generating; that I didn't feel was in fact the best. Your support would allow me to actively promote Diamond Billiard products in each piece of content I create moving forward and would also aid in connecting new audiences to your brand as well. As a secondary benefit you would be aiding in my training as a player, allowing me to grow my national titles and expand my resume in active tournament play, thus further promoting Diamond Billiard products as a player as well. 

By supporting Linares Pro Pool with a Diamond Table you gain access to all the leverage of the future content and network of viewers I get to reach online, but also the synergistic benefit of helping the companies who are currently supporting me as a player long term. Thus building stronger business relationships with these brands and helping engage the community in a more dynamic and interactive way. 

If you have a moment please review the formal proposal I've attached herein that describes a bit about my playing history, some of my goals as a competitor, an outline for the kinds of content I plan on creating and also some words about me from some of my valued endorsements in the industry. If you have any questions or would like to reach me directly, feel free to do so at your convenience. You can see some of my professional video portfolio at www.besfilms.com

Warmest regards and have a great day.




Raymond Linares
4 x National Champion 

c: 786.399.4163