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OB Cues is the US's leading production cue manufacturer today. With offices based out of Plano Texas, OB Cues builds and assembles all of their cues right here in the USA. With top notch quality, lifetime warranty and the absolute best in class customer service, OB Cues is a brand that I'm proud to represent.  

I've been playing with OB Cues since 2008 and every one of my 4 National Championship titles was won while using an OB Shaft. Their consistency, reliability and overall feel are what I rely on as the foundation of my playing equipment. 

  • With a full array of playing products from playing shafts, to precision cut playing cues, high impact resistant break cues designed for top level breaking, and accurate lightweight jump cues perfect for controlled escapes from tough safety's; OB Cues is the perfect one stop location to kickstart your game and begin your journey towards top level cue sports competition. Take a look at some of their featured products below or check out our online store for a full OB inventory. 

OB Cues was founded by Royce Bunnel and Don Owen. This past year the OB team unfortunately lost one of it's founding members Royce Bunnel. To learn more about Royce and how your purchases of OB products here can help support his family please click here.